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Frozen Fiction 冰雪奇缘的同人

Anna’s eyes lit up when she saw Olaf the snowman. She quickly stepped forward and hugged him tightly. Olaf was taken back by Anna’s enthusiastic embrace but he was delighted all the same and returned the hug with a cheerful smile. Elsa, Anna’s elder sister, watched with amusement from a distance.

Kristoff, the ice harvester who had accompanied them on their journey to find Elsa’s magic again, looked on fondly as well. Suddenly Anna became mischievous and went as far as snatching out OLaf’s carrot nose and popping it into her mouth! Kristoff joked sternly, “Anna, you need a lesson if you are going to keep taking innocent snowmen’s noses!” and winked. But he soon realized that it wasn’t just a joke; if Anna was going to stay out of trouble in Arendelle she would need some discipline. So he decided to teach her a lesson that she wouldn’t forget any time soon.

He invited Anna to join them in the parade through the village streets that same day – but little did she know what awaited her there… With all of them taking part in an open sleigh drawn by Sven the reindeer, Kristoff suggested that Anna sit in between himself and Olaf in the front seat of the sleigh so they could have conversation on their journey.

As they made their way through the cobblestone streets of Arendelle with people cheering for them from both sides, something unexpected happened – once near their finish line, Kristoff suddenly pulled her over his lap and started spanking her bottom inside his sleigh – in full view of everyone! He had taken Olaf’s stick hand and used it to spank her bare bottom as if she were just a young child. She felt so embarrassed but there was nothing she could do while Kristoff continued to spank her gently yet firmly – round after round until finally he stopped before they reached their destination. Her butt was red hot and terribly bruised after the long spanking session that happened while they were out in public in full glare of people around them!

That night Elsa used some of her magical power – by using winter blasts – to ameliorate Anne’s sore bottom with some quickly forming ice packs for consolation which settled nicely on top of Anna’s bruised butt – relieving her pain almost instantly; leaving only residual warmth from vigorous spanking session earlier in day. Finally, seeing everyone relieved at last , Elsa smiled contentedly as everyone hugged goodnight .



他召集后宫所有的嫔妃都来观刑,命令太监抬上来一张长凳,让宫女把甄嬛把她拖到长凳上去。当众人看到这一幕后,大惊失色。然后皇上下令将甄嬛的裤子脱下,当众宰割般地将她打成了“泣不成声” 的样子。



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